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Multi-Track Fence

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The Multi-Track Fence from USNR/Söderhamn Eriksson is proven to be the markets top solution for high speed mills. The Multi-Track Fence is a cost effective solution for mills that require a rapid, highly accurate fencing system for the most demanding applications. It is an excellent choice for high-speed optimized applications offering infinite resolution, and guaranteed at 0.1 inch (2.5 mm) accuracy.

The Multi-Track Fence allows wider lug spacing at higher speeds, with less critical timing than other rotary fence models. It operates without any air or hydraulics; all-electric actuation is easy to maintain. The Multi-Track Fence is designed to retrofit into existing 3-stage fence locations.

The Multi-Track Fence uses moving board bumpers to position the boards, and this allows several lug spaces for boards to come to the bumpers and settle into a fixed setback location prior to leaving the positioning system to be trimmed. The result is highly accurate, infinite board positioning, and often higher speeds.

The all-electric design eliminates system leakage and maintenance associated with air or hydraulics actuation. Operating costs are reduced with less maintenance required and lower energy consumption.

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