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Our services - Abrasive belts

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ABRIT S.r.l. is an Italian company specialized in providing abrasive belts for producing panels.
In more than 40 years of activity we have been selected by major companies in the sector, today as in the past do not want to give up the quality of the solutions we propose, in addition to the degree of flexibility and customization of which we are capable, and always there is recognized.
Our website shows the work we can offer , and represents a synthesis of development work and further that in many years we have pursued with enthusiasm, patience and dedication. This is a concrete expression equipment that allow us to ensure perfect execution of each type of junction, and in particular of segmented belts, the result of great responsibility for which we are proud.
Our mains products for panels are:
- Deerfos TC343W = Heavy combination backing in special Silicon Carbide antistatic
- Deerfos PC340W = Heavy polyester backing in special Silicon Carbide antistatic
- G-Weight paper = Heavy paper 400grams in special Silicon Carbide antistatic
- Deerfos PA343W = Heavy polyester backing in special Aluminium Oxide antistatic, studied especially for Plywood applications
We are able to convert these items in every kind of abrasive belts dimension with a maximum of 3350 x 5000mm.
Moreover we offer also all complementary products for sanding operations as follows:
- Graphite in rolls and slide pads
- Lamellar belts
- Transverse abrasives belts
- Non Woven flaps
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