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PCD&PCBN cutting tool blanks

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Our PCD cutting tool blanks (Ø51mm) are produced by sintering selected diamond particles at ultra-high pressure and high temperature, and consist of a diamond layer or a tungsten carbide substrate. It is widely used for machining non-ferrous metals and alloys, such as aluminum, copper, aluminum/gray iron composites, as well nonmetallic materials such as wood, chipboard, ceramics, plastic, rubber, ect., where high abrasion resistance and good surface finish are required. Our PCD discs can be cut freely into tips by both laser cutting and EDM cutting, which are widely used for woodworking and metalworking tools due to their longer working lives and higher efficiencies. Also, our company is capable of supplying PCD cutting tool tips in various shapes and different sizes in according to your drawings, cut either by laser or EDM wire.

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