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Instalmec features almost two decades of experience in the design and construction of Plants for Pellet production.
We offer custom-made solutions according to our clients' requirements:
- turn-key plants managed by a PLC which allows to monitor the whole production process;
- modifications to already existing systems in order to improve their performances and production;
- supply of single machines

- Easy loading
- Even and constant feeding to the production plant
- Elimination of foreign bodies and oversizes
- Easy regulation of working speed
- Low servicing costs
- Robust design

- Production of quality particles of proper dimension
- High efficiency and low energy consumption
- Special hammers made of wear resistant material
- Easy to replace hammers
- Easy to replace screens
- Heavy duty construction

- Available for all types of biofuel, natural gas or oil - in any combination
- High combustion efficiency and low fuel consumption
- Utmost reliability
- Optimal modulation and temperature management
- Clean & eco-friendly
- Easy to manage

- 20% saving on fuel - thanks to innovative exhaust gas recycling
- Automatic extraction system of ashes
- Precision in temperature control
- Special design for NOx reduction
- Low maintenance
- Upright design allows saving on footprint

- Gentle drying of the material avoids distillation of resins
- Keeps calorific power of wood and keeps the colour of pellet light
- Homogeneous and constant dried particles
- Great reduction of plant maintenance
- Completely automatic plant management through PLC
- Higher cohesion of pellet

- High and constant performance
- Energy saving thanks to low pressure drop
- High reliability for continuous operation plants
- Reduced maintenance
- Upright design allows saving on footprint
- Complies with NFPA and ATEX standards for the prevention of fire and explosi

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