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Costruzioni Nazzareno's activity is designing, manufacturing and installing the following complete (turnkey) systems:

- Manufacturing waste suction (fans)

- Fumes suction

- Purifying systems (filters, silos, etc.)
Costruzioni Nazzareno designs and constructs storage silos for wood shavings, sawdust and waste in general. These are made with standard diameters and capacity ranging from 3 to 300m³. They are equipped with a filtering battery with high dust collection efficiency and lateral extractors consisting of a scraper/stripper flywheel and a discharge screw. A set of safety devices are installed on the silos in conformity with the Machinery Directive.

- Wood briquettes production
Briquetting presses are machines for pressing wood waste and therefore useful for the disposal and recycling of manufacturing waste. By solely applying pressure, without adding any substance or glue, the briquetting presses can compact materials that contain less than 18% moisture.

- Wood waste crushing

- Wood chips and sawdust drying

- Wood pellets production
The pellet production plant consists of a group of machines joined together for the production cycle. This cycle differs in every plant, since the characteristics of the product to be processed (type of wood, particle size, moisture content, initial state, etc.) are always different. The system may be divided up into sections that may be automated according to customer requirements or requests; in other words we can supply a fully automated plant or automate just single sections.

- Cogeneration

- Biomass power plant

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