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Sharpening by Laser ablation

Sharpening of PCD tools by process of Laser ablation

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The ITA TOOLS company is a pioneer in the technology of PCD sharpening by Laser Ablation.
Laser ablation works by focusing a laser onto a substrate to remove material that is on its surface. The amount that is removed depends on the intensity, pulse length, and wavelength of the laser, as well as the material itself. The area absorbs the laser that is being directed on it, thereby breaking down the chemical bonds within the area. Laser ablation is a much more efficient, reliable and cost-effective method.

Laser ablation has many benefits over more traditional methods of Sharpening processes, such as:
• the sharpening area doesn't warm up
• ultimate precision especially for DIA profile cutting edges, thanks to a laser we are able to sharp any angle
• possibility to sharping’s chip breakers
• after Laser ablation the cutting blade is more acute, the laser cuts not eroding
• the laser cuts PCD and binder concurrent
• simple processing of coarse PCD
• expanding tools life
• not harmful for ecology

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