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SIRIO 9000

Logo SIRIO 9000
Logo SIRIO 9000


SIRIO 9000 is a development of the SIRIO 8800. The functions and management have been improved and at the same time also simplified thanks to the practical touch-screen monitor.

The main characteristics of these automatism are:
- Wood moisture content probes (from 3 to 32)
- Equilibrium moisture detection probes (from 1 to 8)
- Temperature probes (from 1 to 8)
- Division of cycle in various stages
- Management of fan speed with inverter
- Control of air speed with anemometers
- Already stored drying programmes file
- Possibility of creating new drying programmes
Starting from the detection of environmental parameters inside the cell, the condition of the wood, the actuators are controlled to perform the complete cycle through the phases of:
- Pre-heating
- Initial conditioning
- Drying
- Final-conditioning
- Cooling
according to the programs selected in control unit.
This programs include climatic profiles conditions ideal for correct timber drying processing as a function of:
- type of wood
- thickness
- instantaneous value wood moisture
- final value wood moisture
The control unit is simple to use, reliable, configurable and perfectly expandable.

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