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Spindleless Veneer Lathe


The 2800mm Spindless Veneer Lathe High Speed Model, it was developed to peel logs up to speed 180 m/min. It built to work with logs up to 2750 mm long and up to 600 mm diameter. This machine performs with 100 CV power traction in the log, evenly distributed into three rolls. It is fitted with a servo driven gauge motor to perform its peeling process with greater accuracy. Comes also with a recoil system on the automatic log carriage and with maximum gap of 610 mm of passage. Capacity to produce veneer of 1.0 up to 4.00 mm. Spindle linear Guide bearing both on the back roller as in nose knife for ease of movement by reducing friction and noise, increasing the accuracy of positioning. The lathe knife inclination system works to make sure that during the log peeling, there will always be a precise contact area between the knife and the log,

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