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Suction and extraction system

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Storage silo
Costruzioni Nazzareno designs and constructs storage silos for wood shavings, sawdust and waste in general. These are made with standard diameters and capacity ranging from 3 to 300m³.
They are equipped with a filtering battery with high dust collection efficiency and lateral extractors consisting of a scraper/stripper flywheel and a discharge screw. A set of safety devices are installed on the silos in conformity with the Machinery Directive.

Self-Cleaning Filters
The PF range of self-cleaning dust-collecting filters have been made to trap and deposit industrially produced dust and shavings and can be used in the majority of polluting industrial processes.
They are made with modular structural work consisting of galvanized panels that allows other filtering cells to be added. They feature a special filtering fabric cleaning system consisting of a counter-current compressed air system.

Mechanical Cleaning Filters
The MS model filter is a fabric dust collector and the filtering bags are cleaned by means of a motor-driven vibrator.
The particles are deposited on collection bags.
It is made with modular structural work consisting of galvanized panels.

Multi-Cyclone Settling Units and Boiler Feeding Systems
The multi-cyclone settling unit is used for dedusting gasses coming from solid fuel boilers

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