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General suctions system and the pneumatic conveying for particle-board and MDF lines.


Upright construction reduces significantly the floor space required.
The integrated cyclone avoid to install additional cyclones before entering the filtering system: this means huge investment saving (cyclones, supporting structures, erection, foundation works, ....), as well as adsorbed energy saving.
The special cylindrical design allows to connect many inlets to the same unit.
The sleeves cleaning system, by a simple fan, reduces the energy requirements and increases the life of the filter sleeves avoiding the mechanical stress that would be normally effected by the usage of compressed air.
The continuous scrubbing of a part of the sleeves ensures constant performances.
The scrubbing fan itself could be also used to convey the dust discharged from the cyclone-filter.
The cylindrical shape, together with a series of anti-explosion hatches make the plant extremely resistant to explosion.
Due to its very low noisiness the installation is possible near to living centres, as well.
Our filters avoid condensation even on wet area and on SL mat former area suctions.

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