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The most complete software for the furniture industry

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The most complete software in the market for the furniture industry: an all-in-one CAD/CAM/MES ERP/WEB solution to cover the whole life cycle of the product.

Teowin Manufacture is a full solution that allows you to design and manufacture at the same time, with all kind of cabinets (kitchen, but also wardrobes, bathroom, office living-room, etc), for standard and modular units (parametrical software).

You would be able to handle all your factory, from conception (parametrical rules of cutting and drilling) to production (cutting list, assembly reports, direct connection to machines, cost calculation, optimization, stock…) and quote calculation in the showroom (3D quote, high quality renders, motion renders and Virtual Reality).

Once the quote is made and accepted, the project is sent back to the factory and the manufacturing order can directly be prepared, in a very short time. This would save a lot of time, avoiding errors, and optimizing at the best your resources.

The complete MES/ERP will optimize your ressources in your plant, scheduling the orders by priority, and respect your deadlines, conducting the whole factory with a 4.0 management.

We also propose a web portal to do projects on line and receive them directly in the factory for manufacturing.

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