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Trimble's Connected Forest Solutions:

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Logo Trimble's  Connected Forest Solutions:


- Land Resource Manager: A spatially enabled enterprise solution that manages all operational forestry and land related information.
- Business Resource Manager: An enterprise solution that manages all forestry related contracts for purchasing and selling timber including work contracts such as road maintenance and planting contracts.
- WoodForce: A software service (SaaS) that provides remote inventory location and availability data to forest management companies and contractors and facilitates mobile work management of harvesting, silviculture and road planning.
- LogForce: A software service (SaaS) used by both the forest management companies and contractors for managing the transport planning of fibre from the starting depot to the destination.
- WSX Logistics: Drives timber transportation productivity and streamlines supply chain management to optimize returns on timber
- Mobile Builder: Mobile Builder enables easy creation and deployment of spatial and tabular applications that run on Android and IOS devices. Facilitates automatic synchronization with the enterprise.
- Portal: Forestry Portal is a web application that exposes secure spatial and attribute business data to selected internal and external stakeholders.
- Terrain Navigator Pro / SOLO Forest: Simple, easy to use Desktop, Web, and Mobile mapping platforms.
- Log & Inventory Measurement: A smartphone app by Trestima for measuring standing inventory and the volume of a log stack.

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