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TwinShaft shredders

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Twin-shaft shredders are low speed shredders which are able roughly to shred a wide range of wood waste: off-cuts, boards, boxes, pallets, furniture, windows, doors, timbers, staircases, made from any sort and quality of the wood. Shredded material is suitable for combustion or for fine milling. Shredded paper and cardboard is suitable for briquetting. Metal mixture is allowed. Knives have shape of disks with teeth and they are made from high quality hardened steel. Twin-shaft shredders are characterized in low speed but high torque moment. They can be equipped by hydraulic vertically oscillating pusher for pushing bulky articles to shredding chamber. Drive power: 2,2-100kW. Rotor speed: 12-40 1/min. Shredding chamber floor plan: 300-850x230-2000 mm. Weight: 0,6-20t. Capacity: 600-10000 kg/h.

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