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Wide belts calibrating sanding machine "GIANT 1350"

Logo Wide belts calibrating sanding machine "GIANT 1350"


This product has the following Standard technical specifications:

-Useful working width: mm 1350
-Working thickness min/max: mm 3÷170
-Longitudinal belts dimensions: mm 2620/3250 x 1370
-Cross belts dimensions: mm 4550/7350
-Rollers diameter: mm 250/330
-Constant pass line machine, table fixed at 900 mm from floor
-Industrial PC control unit with "toutch screen" technology (see pict. 1)

Modular machine; sequence of groups to be selected among the following

-Compact cross belt
-Long cross belt with double pulleys
-Roller groups
-Combined roller-pad groups
-Pad groups
-Superfinishing groups
-Satining and brushing groups

Main options

-Electronic pads sectioned in 75 segments; pass 18 mm
-High resolution GRAPHIC support for easy programming and display
-Vacuum system device; power up to 11kW (15hp)

Halle 16, Stand E19

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