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Application field: Ideal solution for the treatment of big air flows containing low concentrations of polluting substances. In these project conditions, the traditional combustion plants would have big size and high handling and investment costs. On the contrary, the zeolite concentration technology is characterised by very low handling costs and reliability during time.
Operating principle:
The air stream to be treated, with a low concentration of V.O.S. (Volatile Organic Substances), is purified in the adsorption section of the concentrator (area A) and released into the atmosphere in compliance with the regulations (20 mgCOT/Nm3).
In the zeolite regeneration air flow (pre-heating Section K, and regeneration Section R), which is up to 15 times lower than the flow going into the plant, the V.O.S. concentration is increased up to 15 times.
The advantage of this process derives from the fact that it is possible to oxidise the organic substance in a small post-oxidiser (limited capacity of the regeneration stream) with consequent low handling costs (high V.O.S. concentration, self-thermal adjustment of the combustion system, oxidiser off).

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