LIGNA 2017, 22 - 26 May

LIGNA 2017, 22 - 26 May

Tools & Machinery Custom & Mass Production | 24 Apr. 2017

Making the workplace safer

RUWI has made a name for itself nationally and internationally with versatile tool-free clamping technology, organizational systems and... more

Tools & Machinery Custom & Mass Production | 21 Apr. 2017

Making the most of an untapped resource!

Leitz GmbH & Co. KG is at LIGNA 2017 as a member of international network "PalmwoodNet" and is unveiling the results of development work for... more

Tools & Machinery Custom & Mass Production | 20 Apr. 2017

Whether wet or dry, this is how to transform your wood production

BIATEC is at LIGNA 2017 to unveil BLT WoodCut, a revolutionary patented technology specially developed for optimum cutting of wet and dry... more

Wood Based Panel Production | 19 Apr. 2017

Avoid getting into a scrape with particle board production costs!

At LIGNA 2017, BINOS GmbH is exhibiting the new Ultra Scraper, a user-friendly particle board production solution for the ultimate in... more

Energy from Wood | 17 Apr. 2017

Highly efficient

At LIGNA 2017 in Hannover, Austrian company Herz Energietechnik GmbH will be exhibiting the pelletstar CONDENSATION with over 106 percent... more

Transport logistics | 14 Apr. 2017

An all-rounder fit to join the joiners!

Sortimo International GmbH has over forty years of experience in producing customized van racking solutions. The portfolio that the company... more

Surface Technology | 12 Apr. 2017

A nightmare for pyromaniacs

Leading Finnish paint and coating manufacturer Tikkurila is premiering its new Fontefire fire-retardant coating at LIGNA in Hannover. more

Machine Components & Automation Technology | 10 Apr. 2017

Find the right way at LIGNA 2017 with WEG

WEG, one of the world's leading suppliers of drive technology, is using its LIGNA premiere to showcase its innovative drive solutions for... more

Tools & Machinery Custom & Mass Production | 07 Apr. 2017

A smart approach to cabinetmaking

Wood IQ GmbH Lohmeyer, which specializes in wood processing machinery for cabinetmaking, is at LIGNA 2017 to unveil the new BAZ 875 IQ CNC... more

Drones | 06 Apr. 2017

Digitalization in the forestry industry: integration is the key

Digital systems are fundamental to modern forestry technology. In harvesting operations, in particular, they now yield significant... more

LIGNA News | 05 Apr. 2017

LIGNA Outlook 2017

A partnership project between Deutsche Messe AG and KleiserMedia Inc. more

Machine Components & Automation Technology | 05 Apr. 2017

Brand new but dry behind the ears already!

STELA Laxhuber GmbH is exhibiting the RecuDry System at LIGNA 2017, its new heat recovery technology for drying biomass. more

LIGNA News | 04 Apr. 2017

LIGNA buoyed by business climate, new thematic layout & digitalization

LIGNA – the world's leading trade fair for machinery, plant and tools for the woodworking and timber processing industries – opens in just a... more

Tools & Machinery Custom & Mass Production | 03 Apr. 2017

Diverse sawing technology from Switzerland

Vertical sawing is about much more than simply getting a clean cut through wood-based materials. The portfolio that Striebig AG is... more

Tools & Machinery Custom & Mass Production | 29 Mar. 2017

Brand new - high-pressure duct humidification

Merlin Technology GmbH from Tumeltsham in Austria is at LIGNA 2017 to unveil its new ORBIT WING air humidification plant, which uses MICRO... more

Processing of Plastics & Composites | 28 Mar. 2017

LIGNA 2017: Perfect solutions for every type of material

The exhibitors at this year's LIGNA will show that the processing capabilities of today's woodworking machines extend far beyond "just"... more

Machine Components & Automation Technology | 22 Mar. 2017

An eye for detail

As every carpenter knows, when planing wood, you need a good pair of eyes to spot knots - the points where a branch had once grown that are... more

Integrated Manufacturing | 15 Mar. 2017

Digital "logging" and much, much more from the homeland of lumberjacks

Canadian 20-20 Technologies is at LIGNA 2017 with a dedicated ERP solution for the furniture industry designed to boost sales and cut order... more

Marketing & sales Solutions | 10 Mar. 2017

Trade shows appeal to all the senses!

Trade shows are one of the most important instruments in the marketing mix. They serve – even in the digital age – as marketplaces where... more

Logistics 4.0 meets Industry 4.0 | 09 Mar. 2017

A look at the future of manufacturing

LIGNA showcases the trends that will have a crucial influence on the development of businesses large and small in the future. The overriding... more