LIGNA 2019, 27 - 31 May
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Logo Latschbacher
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Latschbacher GmbH

Hauptstr. 8-10
4484 Kronstorf
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The firm was founded by Mr Kajetan Latschbacher in 1954. The company headquarters were moved to Kronstorf in 1967 which coincided with the start of production of lumber identification tags for felled section cut wood.

Products with the brand name of SignuMat have been employed across the world ever since. This system is fast and economical, as well as weather resistant and cost effective. The SIGNUMAT hammer and tags are used for the clean and durable marking of both length and section cut lumber. The consecutively numbered tags have the same function as car number plates for example. This means that you always know exactly which lumber belongs to you. With the newest SIGNUMAT product, the bar code tag, you can automatically record the consecutive numbering with a bar code =scanner. Other SIGNUMAT products include a plastic hand-axe for felling lumber, as well as light metal calipers for measuring section cut lumber.

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WinforstPro mobile

Die Geschichte von WinforstPro mobile beginnt bereits in den frühen 80er-Jahren. Denn seit damals beschäftigt sich Latschbacher mit der Erfindung, Entwicklung und Produktion von mobilen Datenerfassungsgeräten im überaus anspruchsvollen Forstbereich, wo diese Geräte höchsten mechanischen Belastungen, more


Das Leistungsspektrum der WinforstPro-Abteilung reicht von der Beratung, über das Projektmanagement bis zur Softwareentwicklung. Die Produkte von WinforstPro sind das Rundholz Software Management System WinforstPro32, NG und die Kommunikationswebplattform WinforstPro net.logistik, wobei diese Software more


The Signumat Marking System offers plastic tags with hot stamped inscription, Barcode inscription (Barcode, QR-Code, data-matrix-code) at customer's option for an efficient and easy application. The tags are mainly used to identify more

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