1. What makes LIGNA so special for you?

You may be familiar with the image of a magnet placed in a disorganised pile of iron filings. Suddenly, all these filings move towards the magnet, they can't help themselves. This is LIGNA. Every two years, the many thousands of people from all over the world who work in the woodworking industry are inevitably drawn to LIGNA to be a living part of this community for a few days.

2. What was your favourite thing about LIGNA?

That was actually the last LIGNA in 2023. After the coronavirus cancellation in 2021, it wasn't clear whether the magnet would still work. But it did, everyone was enthusiastic, there was an atmosphere of optimism. A very pleasant experience.

3. What is the funniest/best/surprising thing you experienced at LIGNA?

As a Bavarian Swabian, I rubbed my eyes when I attended a LIGNA exhibitor evening in the Munich hall for the first time. So much Oktoberfest feeling in the middle of Hanover, hard to believe!

4. When is a LIGNA a successful LIGNA for you?

So far, every LIGNA that I have been able to attend has been a successful LIGNA. But of course there are years when things are simply better and more euphoric, and there are years when a weak economy or a global crisis throws a spanner in the works. The decisive factor is that our visitors say it was worthwhile again. Then the exhibitors are also satisfied.