1. What makes LIGNA so special for you?

The global appeal and the appeal of the marketplace as the home of woodworking industry. The woodworking professionals - both visitors and exhibitors - create a sense of community that gives rise to a fifth season in Hanover every two years. LIGNA is not just the world's leading trade fair, it is a season.

2. What was your favourite thing about LIGNA?

During the time that I was able to organise LIGNA with the team, our partner VDMA and the exhibitors, it became necessary to redesign the entire event. During this time, we as DMAG worked with the above-mentioned partners to develop the new concept together with the exhibiting industry from all over the world and succeeded in maintaining the collaborative approach and successfully reflecting market requirements. I am not only very pleased about this, but also very grateful for it.

3. What is the funniest/best/surprising thing you have experienced at LIGNA?

I was deeply impressed by the exhibitors' conversations about the company's development and the deep roots to LIGNA over several decades. I particularly remember the story of an exhibitor who borrowed money from a friend for his first LIGNA appearance after founding his own company 30 years ago. Every time he has participated in LIGNA since then, he has achieved a milestone in the development and internationalisation of his business. One milestone for this company, for example, was when a customer from Hawaii bought a machine from him at LIGNA, thus opening up another international market. It is not only these stories that are passed on to the next generation in the entrepreneurial families, but also the special relationship to the common marketplace of the entire woodworking community.

4. What was the biggest challenge you had to overcome at LIGNA?

It was clearly the postponement due to the pandemic and the cancellation of the event in 2021.

5. When is a LIGNA a successful LIGNA for you?

It's the overall picture of exhibitors talking to interested parties at the booths, woodworking professionals analysing the machines in live operation, visitors from all over the world who are visibly impressed and enjoying LIGNA. An exhibitor evening in the Munich hall with people celebrating in high spirits and a team that looks back on the trade fair with satisfaction on Friday evening after 5 days of LIGNA.