When working with surface-restoration millers and diamond grinders, the amount and nature of the dust generated can be much more than just annoying - it can be downright harmful. Thankfully, the dedicated experts at Festool GmbH have long since been applying their considerable efforts to keep this dust in check. Only recently, the company launched three new, innovative construction site extractors, including the CTL 36 AC RENOFIX with automatic cleaning.

The AUTOCLEAN (AC) system of the CTL 36 E AC RENOFIX regularly rinses the unit's high-performance main filter clean to ensure suction power stays consistently high. Suction power also benefits from the product’s extremely compact high-performance turbine, which produces a volume flow of 3,900 liters per minute. To ensure the generous 36-liter container volume can be used as effectively as possible, a flat filter has been fully integrated into the suction head. In fact, Festool claims that the gross and net volumes of the container are virtually identical. With dirt captured efficiently in the container (the product is approved for dust class L), nothing other than clean air is expelled back into the environment. To support maximum mobility, the CTL 36 AC RENOFIX is also equipped with swiveling castor wheels and rear wheels, while a locking brake provides excellent stability on any surface and during transportation.

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