Key links in this value chain include machinery that can range freely over forests, feed wood fuel independently into their chippers and chip wood to the required size with high-quality results. Fortunately, Doppstadt has just such an all-rounder in its end-to-end product range – the new DH 812 LD precision chipper. This compact truck-mounted chipper – a Mercedes Arocs 3648 fitted with a crane system and DH 812 series chipper unit – effectively processes logs, tree crowns, bushes and slabwood, breaking it down to chips in sizes between G30 and G100.

The maximum diameter of the trees it can handle is particularly impressive. The DH 812 LD can feed tree trunks almost a meter in diameter into its chipper unit, which features an infeed width of 1,200 mm and a height of 800 mm and can chip even the thickest waste wood thanks to its three-metric-ton rotor weight. The powerful infeed drum and slat conveyor mean that the precision chipper from Doppstadt can handle tree crowns with ease. What’s more, the truck-mounted chipper can also reach virtually any location thanks to its 6x6 all-wheel drive, 3,900 mm wheelbase and PowerShift 3 system, which turns gentle pressure on the pedal into powerful performance in the machine. The reinforced chassis design ensures that the entire vehicle is exceptionally robust.