As a major front runner in manufacturing high-performance machinery and systems for timber construction, WEINMANN leads the field in developing highly innovative, demand-based sector solutions. Its product portfolio covers cutting-edge, highly flexible machinery and systems for use in timber construction, including carpentry machines, multifunction bridges, assembly tables, framework stations and fully automated production lines. Not to mention the products used to handle materials in and around machine parks designed to smooth internal logistics. But WEINMANN is not the kind of company to rest on its laurels. In its quest to stay one step ahead, one aspect the company is raring to showcase during LIGNA 2019 is how robots can be used in timber construction.

WEINMANN is on a quest to increasingly interlink all the production line processes involved in the prefabrication of houses - from creating frameworks and panelization right through to finishing. It has its sights set on using robots to automate the entire material-handling stage and simplify processes. For example, WEINMANN is thinking of using robots to place the studs involved in manufacturing frameworks and optimize panel positioning. Once the panel materials have been placed on the main element in a fully automated process, a multifunction bridge will then attach and continue to work on them. The idea is to fully automate the entire process in future - right from feeding the unprocessed parts all the way through to loading the finished elements.