The days when everyone just accepted that sanding work would leave a fine layer of dust over everything in sight are pretty much gone. In fact, dust-free surface finishing is increasingly becoming standard practice in construction and industry, not least due to health concerns for workers. Of course, eliminating all dust from the workplace ramps up the requirements for dust extraction systems - and that's where Mirka comes in. One of Scandinavia's biggest manufacturers of surface finishing technology, the company has developed its own solution and launched a new model: the 1242 M AFC industrial dust extractor, which comes with a 42-liter capacity.

Kitted out with a powerful 1200-Watt motor and a one-stage turbine, the 1242 M AFC delivers extraction performance of 270 millibars with an airflow of 4500 liters per minute. What's more, this high-level performance is long-lasting thanks to the automatic filter cleaning (AFC) system, which cleans the efficient filter every 15 seconds. A HEPA filter is available as an accessory and is incredibly easy to install and replace through a convenient opening at the back of the unit. The extractor also features an autostart function designed to both limit noise emissions and extend the unit’s service life. On top of all that - quite literally - the 1242 M AFC has a flat upper surface where cases and work stations from the accessories range can be secured to keep them in easy reach at all times.

Mirka Ltd (66850 Jeppo, Finland)