Back in 2010, Reinhold Beck - an established entrepreneur who had already achieved success with his company BECK Maschinenbau GmbH - founded HO|KU|BE|MA Maschinenbau GmbH. This new business went on to take over PANHANS, which has been around since 1918, and continued the long tradition of reliable, innovative machinery associated with the brand. But the story didn't end there. In 2019, HO|KU|BE|MA launched its new entry-level brand WOODPECKER, which has quickly made a name for itself with high-quality woodworking machinery based on tried-and-tested PANHANS technology.

Although predominantly geared toward small wood processing companies, the machines from WOODPECKER are also explicitly aimed at avid hobby woodworkers. The range of solutions on offer, which includes surface and thickness planers and sliding table saws, has recently been expanded to include the compact LBM 1-200 slot boring machine. This cleverly designed machine delivers excellent results when manufacturing windows and doors, among other things. When it comes to drilling dowel holes, users can choose spacings of 16, 22, 25 or 32 millimeters. To achieve the exact drilling depth required, the height of the drill can be easily adjusted using the unit’s millimeter scale and crank wheel. When manufacturing lock cases, in contrast, users can set the width of the required slots by locking together two nuts on a threaded rod. Last but not least, the drilling unit can be swiveled from 45 degrees via 0 degrees all the way to -45 degrees.

WOODPECKER - HOKUBEMA Maschinenbau GmbH (72505 Krauchenwies, Germany)