LEUCO is a leading international supplier of end-to-end tool solutions and intelligent services for the wood processing industry. The company mainly develops carbide- and diamond-tipped circular saw blades, wood chippers, drills, bore- and shank-type tools, turning plates and clamping systems – in close consultation with this sector. LIGNA 2019 gives LEUCO a further opportunity to demonstrate its innovative prowess, the best example of which is the HSK 32R high-precision tool adapter it has developed in collaboration with HOLZ-HER.

The combined traction and locking function of these compact tool adapters is designed to ensure far better concentricity than conventional clamping using a double keyway. LEUCO has now succeeded in adapting the large jointing cutter to the slim interface of the HSK 32R. As a result, this technology is now available for the first time in a cost-effective version for machines normally used in the trade sector. The manufacturer is keen to point out that the cutter rolls the patented airStream features, the quality of LEUCO DIAMAX jointing cutters and the precision of HSK 32R clamping into one. The first machines with this unique combination are now being launched by LEUCO's partner HOLZ-HER.