The innovative minds at Festool have done it again! For more than 90 years, the company has specialized in developing high-quality power tools for timber construction, carpentry, painting and renovation work, not to mention paintwork preparation and finishing. Over 350 patents, more than 80 awards and accolades and, above all, satisfied customers are testament to its innovative prowess. Turning its attention yet again to achieving smooth surfaces, Festool is now proclaiming a revolution in drywalling with PLANEX - its next-generation long-reach sander.

To kick-start this industry upheaval, Festool has kitted the new PLANEX long-reach sander with LED lights and random orbital motion capability. A ring of LED lights works like built-in strip lighting and is designed to reveal any unevenness during the sanding process. The random orbital sanding movement, meanwhile, ensures an excellent surface quality, which Festool promises will eliminate the need for costly reworking. To provide maximum cleanliness and ergonomics, particularly during overhead work, PLANEX features an adjustable dust extraction system, a variable working length and a special T handle that makes guiding the device as easy and effortless as possible. PLANEX is expected to launch in October 2020.

Festool GmbH (73240 Wendlingen, Germany)