At a time when startups are mushrooming everywhere, companies with over 150 years of history that do not crash and burn at the first sign of trouble are a reassuring symbol of stability. Tikkurila, founded in Finland in 1862, is one such heavyweight, which naturally doesn't stop the company from innovating and confidently making expansion plans. Building on its strong position as a market leader in Finland, Sweden, Russia and the Baltic states, Tikkurila is looking to continue its growth and conquer new markets. Showcasing its innovative products at LIGNA 2017 in Hannover is an excellent demonstration of this.

Tikkurila is offering a real first with its new Fontefire fire-retardant coating. The product's fire-retardant properties can create extra time in emergencies to rescue people at risk. Tikkurila's Fontefire is also a universal water-based coating that can be used both indoors and out for wall coverings and panels. It was also given the highest wood protection rating B-s1-d0 in product testing at an authorized test laboratory.