The Biesse Group is a multinational company and a market leader in processing technologies for glass, stone, plastic, metal and, first and foremost, wood. It offers an extensive product range and plans, builds, programs and markets machines, integrated plants and software for companies that manufacture furniture, doors, windows and components used in the construction, shipbuilding and aviation sectors. Each year, Biesse invests 14 million euros in research and development alone and already has more than 200 registered patents to its name. Besides employing a manufacturing workforce of 4,400 spread across 12 sites and 39 subsidiaries, the company also uses a further 300 carefully selected agents and dealers that help to export 90 percent of its production output. Given such impressive figures, it is hardly surprising that the Italian company launches one product innovation after another. One of the more recent new products is the SMART version of its automatic single-sided edgebanding machine, the Stream A.

The machine is Biesse's response to customer demand for more streamlined production processes that will help them maximize the number of orders they can take on. Of course, this added speed has to be achieved without compromising on quality standards or design customization options - and the Stream A SMART edgebanding machine seems to be striking the right balance. According to its maker, the new range is the ideal solution for trade professionals and small companies that value ease of operation, efficiency and personalized production.

Biesse S.p.A. (61122 Pesaro, Italy)