Leitz from Oberkochen has been dedicated to the development and manufacture of tools since 1876. Today, the southern Germans are among the world's leading companies in the field of professional machining of wood, wood-based materials, plastics, composite materials and non-ferrous metals.

At LIGNA 2023 in Hanover, Leitz will be showcasing innovative, new technical developments as well as forward-looking service concepts. The company is focusing in particular on structural timber engineering and on solid wood processors in the furniture and window construction industries. In this way, the world market leader intends to once again underpin its innovation leadership for user-oriented tool technology in the woodworking and plastics processing sectors.

The TurboHawk is now even faster

Manufacturers of CLT (Cross Laminated Timber), also known to many as cross-laminated timber, will find what they are looking for at the Leitz booth. The innovation presented for them is designed to make it possible to fully exploit the performance capabilities of systems for tine milling in the future and to increase productivity in the manufacturing process. The new generation of Leitz TurboHawk tine cutters for flat galvanizing is designed to enable high feed rates without compromising the quality of the workpiece. On the contrary - the particularly pronounced profile accuracy of the tool ensures high-quality results for the tine joints. The cutting edges can be changed easily and quickly, which is an important point in the direction of flexibility when CLT manufacturers process different wood thicknesses. With the marathon-coated cutting edges, which have particularly large resharpening zones, the tool can also be resharpened several times and is therefore particularly sustainable.

A second life for used VariPlan knives

Sustainability also plays a very important role in the next innovation, especially for solid wood processing companies. With the new CentroPlan cutterhead - for applications in furniture and molding production or even window construction - Leitz has developed a planing system that is particularly economical and at the same time delivers excellent machining results. The idea behind it is to recycle used VariPlan knives and re-install them in this tool system as disposable reversible knives. The result is a sustainable cutter head that is particularly exciting for those Leitz customers for whom a regrinding service is difficult due to local conditions.