Together with its German subsidiary ZUANI, Italian woodworking tool specialist TWT conducted an elaborate market study to find out exactly what customers want from state-of-the-art wooden windows. As part of this project, led by ZUANI's managing director Martin Rauscher, the two companies critically analyzed all working processes that are part and parcel of application technicians' work and questioned the underlying technology. The result of this comprehensive process is an innovative wooden window design dubbed the TWT Style.

The TWT Style combines a whole range of benefits, including enhanced working processes, improved sealing between joints, higher wind load and more design flexibility. For example, dry glazing can be used on the indoor side. Doing away with the arduous sealing process is set to help prevent customer complaints and speed up throughput times on the factory assembly line. Even the usually complex and laborious task of applying masking tape when painting two different colors is now a thing of the past. The outer sash frame can be transported through the painting plant separately or as part of the wooden frame. The inner glass beading stops air getting in and out under the sill, which means customers no longer need to worry about sealing the area between the glazing bead and glass rebate. The fixed glazing frame from ZUANI and TWT ensures pre-compressed pressure is applied to the dry glazing gasket, which is designed to prevent a "pumping" effect on the glass pane. The external glazing bead is processed with the wood during the production process, thereby cutting out an entire working stage at the planing machine. All milling is completed on the clamped part. This innovative machine-based manufacturing method was invented by ZUANI's team of experts.

Last but not least, completely new interior profile designs can be created with the TWT Style. For instance, customers can enjoy a brushed or rough wooden look that is nevertheless very pleasant to the touch. And for full-length elements, customers can opt for a glass bonding that - despite the slim profile width - has a positive impact on static.

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