Sustainability is multi-layered. Companies that want to make their processes and products greener need comprehensive expert knowledge and a 360-degree view of the subject. This also applies to the use of modern adhesives.

Sustainable bonding in the furniture and building sectors

For Detmold-based innovation and technology leader Jowat, the development of new adhesives based on renewable raw materials and the expansion of a sustainable product portfolio are of central importance. As a leading adhesive manufacturer in the furniture industry, Jowat has put together a complete package of forward-looking adhesives and comprehensive services with its "Green Adhesives" range, which can be used to make bonding in the furniture and building sectors more sustainable from a wide variety of aspects.

In the spirit of the closed loop

The green product portfolio that Jowat will be presenting at LIGNA 2023 in Hanover is fully aligned with the focus topics of renewable raw materials, employee and consumer protection, and resource conservation: The "GROW" product family, for example, offers a wide range of bio-based or recyclate-based adhesives in line with the closed-loop principle. A high level of employee protection is also offered by the label-free Jowatherm-Reaktant MR PUR hotmelts, which help to avoid increased training costs for users within the EU. Special hot melts with low processing temperatures and high yields also ensure particularly resource-efficient production processes, while low-emission adhesives provide optimized consumer protection.

Valuable contribution to the European Green Deal

Jowat's "Green Adhesives" benefit not only companies in the furniture industry, but also manufacturers of construction elements and building materials. These are high-performance adhesives that, thanks to their versatile applications, enable sustainable and efficient construction and renovation - in line with the European Green Deal.