Established in 1872, SCHWABEDISSEN Maschinen GmbH is known worldwide as a manufacturer of innovative machining systems for wood and other materials. Panel saws, double-end tenoners and CNC machines for machining panels and a wide variety of components are among the main products manufactured in the SCHWABEDISSEN factory in the German town of Herford, which is still - quite deliberately - the company's only production site. These machines are predominately used in the manufacturing of wooden materials and furniture, parquet flooring, windows and doors, insulating boards, and gypsum and cement boards. Around 70 percent of the machines that leave the factory are exported to over 80 countries.

The list of machines SCHWABEDISSEN is showcasing at LIGNA 2019 also includes a new generation of double-end tenoners. The all-rounders among these machines have made SCHWABEDISSEN a key player in the wood processing industry for some 80 years. These new double-end tenoners feature a special guide for the bottom transport chains. They are designed for industrial applications and ensure the system's basic structure remains highly stable. What’s more, the SCHWABEDISSEN top pressure system keeps the workpiece securely fixed from entry to exit.