This is a world premiere at LIGNA 2019 that deserves celebrating with a glass of extra dry champagne. Under the slogan "Grenzebach - we do drying better", the company is unveiling its moisture and thickness detection system for veneers, which is destined to significantly improve quality and energy management in wood processing companies. According to Dr. Christoph Habighorst, Vice President Sales Building Materials Technology at Grenzebach, this system is designed to measure the moisture content and thickness of wood veneers separately or simultaneously. "The new system is best deployed upstream and downstream from the dryer to ensure optimum control of energy input. Users can track trends over a period of time and map moisture and thickness across different veneer species," he explains.

Besides gaining in-depth insights into the company's latest drying and handling technology, visitors to Grenzebach's stand at LIGNA 2019 can look forward to exploring state-of-the-art production processes in a virtual setting. "We are eager to demonstrate at LIGNA what digitization has already made possible in day-to-day operations and what opportunities are emerging for the future. Discussing these topics and exchanging views about them is really important to us, too," Habighorst continues. The company's showcase in Hannover includes a wide range of applications made possible by digitization - from VR-assisted planning and design of production lines right through to the simulation of complex process chains. Visitors to LIGNA 2019 are of course warmly invited to head to the Grenzebach stand to try out its VR goggles and immerse themselves in the new world of veneer mills.