To develop new and better tools and further improve pre-existing, already successful products, the professionals at MAFELL - by their own admission - often adopt a bit of an unusual approach. They change their mindset and completely rethink the tool in large parts, all while keeping a constant eye on how woodworking requirements could evolve in the future. This approach, coupled with the renowned high quality of the company's materials and workmanship, ensures a continuous supply of outstanding solutions. Even products with confirmed cult status are not immune to this process, as MAFELL is now demonstrating with its new and improved Erika pull-push saw.

The new generation of the company's pull-push saw, which first hit construction sites and workshops some 40 years ago, retains its advanced, often imitated functionality but has been expanded with a number of practical enhancements. In developing the new Erika 70 and Erika 85 models, the prime focus was on further optimizing safety without compromising on functionality or precision. The risk of accidents has been cut even further thanks to a side safety guard on the transparent protective hood. What's more, the cutting area is now also illuminated with a sensor-controlled LED light to ensure optimum views of the saw blade. Despite the new protective hood, the revamped Erika saws can be changed over for precision plunge cuts in just a few simple steps, and the same applies to saw blade changes. Another new feature - Quickstand - offers an ideal solution for the often uneven floor surfaces on construction sites. It is designed so the saws can be set up in a matter of seconds, with users compensating for uneven floor and ground surfaces simply by pressing down with their foot - no additional equipment required. And that's not all. The supporting surface can now be expanded for large workpieces by fitting an extension table using supporting and holding rails. A new stop ruler designed to make it easier to cut longer workpieces measuring up to 1,000 millimeters in length accurately is now available as an option, as is a sliding table that can be used for easy handling of workpieces with cutting lengths of up to 905 millimeters.

Mafell AG (78727 Oberndorf, Germany)