Standing upright at the height-adjustable workbench, the floor under your shoes is not hard concrete, but a hard-wearing industrial floor, the light illuminates the place where you are working very precisely. The room climate is not dominated by sawdust, but fresh and clear, the room temperature is adapted to the season and the workshop conditions. All the technology and tools are high-end and the lounge has a modern yet homely ambience.

An unrealistic vision? Not if you take a look at the "Workshop Ergonomics" project launched by Tischler Schreiner Deutschland (TSD). Looking to the future of the carpentry and joinery trade, it quickly becomes clear that modern workshop equipment is a decisive criterion for attracting and retaining skilled workers in the long term. TSD is addressing this issue as a guild organization and is taking an innovative approach with the "Workshop ergonomics" project.

Together with manufacturers and suppliers of workshop equipment and with expert advice from TSD cooperation partner buckOPTIMAL, tailored solutions for ergonomically optimized working environments are being developed in ten to 20 project companies. The focal points: Improvements in areas such as flooring, lighting, heating/ventilation, room acoustics, air quality and carrying and transport aids. "At LIGNA 2025, we want to present the findings and solutions gained in the model companies as an example of best practice in the form of a model workshop. We are also planning to document the results in a TSD trade publication," explains Arne Bretschneider, who is in charge of the project as Head of the Vocational Training and Technology Department at the German Guild Association.

Date notice February 22, 2024, 11:00 a.m., LIGNA site in Hanover:

Tischler Schreiner Deutschland invites you to the official project kick-off on February 22, 2024 at the LIGNA site in Hanover. The concept will be presented to the public there. "The skilled trades have traditionally been an integral part of LIGNA, and we will create additional attractive offers for them in the future," says Stephanie Wagner, Project Manager LIGNA at Deutsche Messe. "The TSD showcase project 'Workshop Ergonomics' is an excellent example of this, which we are very much looking forward to at LIGNA 2025."

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