Originally launched as a sharpening service for saws and milling cutters, AIGNER Werkzeuge GmbH - which is still a family-run company – has become Austria's second-largest machining tool manufacturer. The majority of tools produced by AIGNER are custom-made. However, its increasingly wide range of standardized tools has brought the outstanding quality of AIGNER products within the reach of almost everyone who works with wood or plastic. At the heart of the AIGNER brand is the Konstantin tool system, whose state-of-the-art design is configured to cover virtually all requirements in craftsmanship and industrial applications.

The latest addition to the Konstantin family is the C165-4. Hailing its brand-new diamond rounding cutter for machining centers as a truly special solution, AIGNER is keen to establish the C165-4 as the first mini profile milling cutter with knives ranging in size from R1 to R4 millimeters that users can change themselves. What's more, a 45-degree diamond bevel cutter can be used, too. With a diameter of 16 millimeters, the C165-4 is ideal for numerous applications, and boasting two teeth, it also makes CNC machining faster. The C165-4 mini profile milling cutter has been designed for chamfering and rounding work where ultra-high precision and cutting quality are essential.

AIGNER-Werkzeuge GmbH (4715 Taufkirchen an der Trattnach, Austria)
Website: www.aigner-werkzeuge.at