Sideloaders have been developed and built by Baumann S.r.l. at its production site in Cavaion since 1969. The integration of high-quality components from renowned suppliers from all over the world and the high proportion of premium-grade parts produced in-house ensure that customers around the globe put their trust in sideloaders from Baumann S.r.l. Thanks to a tightly knit sales and service network extending across all continents, Baumann is able to implement transportation solutions to meet local customer needs and provide a professional customer service.

With almost half a century of experience in customer-oriented design of sideloaders, Baumann currently produces diesel, electric and gas sideloaders with a load-carrying capacity from three to fifty metric tons. Developed for customized use in transporting lengthy and bulky goods, Baumann sideloaders are designed to handle high volumes with highly efficient use of space and excellent cost efficiency. However, as Baumann sideloaders are not just cost-efficient but also extremely compact, they can be adapted perfectly to existing storage conditions. The electric sideloaders are particularly kind to their environment, as their low noise levels, reduced maintenance costs, zero emissions and significantly increased runtimes combine the key benefits of electric drives. Yet the fact that Baumann remains continuously committed to innovation despite its rich history is demonstrated not just by this cutting-edge drive concept but also by a revolutionary outreach system with spindles that the international Fork Lift Truck Association last year honored with the Innovation Award.