When it comes to leveling large areas, a rotation laser is an absolute must nowadays. Rotation lasers are not only extremely accurate but also perfectly suited – particularly when coupled with a receiver - for use over long distances. They are both highly functional and can be used in all kinds of locations, both indoors and out. The measuring equipment specialist STABILA is now adding a third model to its range of rotation lasers - the new LAR 300, which will be available from specialist outlets from February 2019.

The LAR 300 combines robustness with high precision, boasting a leveling accuracy of +/- 0.1 millimeter per meter with a self-leveling range of +/- 5 degrees. Combining the device with a receiver extends its work area to as much as 800 meters. Quickly self-leveling at the press of a button, the device is ready to go in under ten seconds, after which the leveling process itself is extremely straightforward thanks to very well thought-through special features. For instance, the receiver provides both visual and acoustic guidance, while deviations from the reference height are clearly visible (measured in millimeters) on both front and rear displays, making light work of adjustments. The laser unit features integrated LEDs that warn if the leveling area is exceeded during positioning, or if vibrations that exceed the LAR 300’s ability to automatically compensate fluctuations might adversely affect the measuring result. To ensure the equipment can stand up to the rough conditions often encountered on construction sites, STABILA has equipped the LAR 300 with a multi-component "suit of armor" for the housing that’s specially designed to ensure the laser can survive falling from a tripod height of up to 180 centimeters. What's more, the LAR 300 is waterproof and dustproof to protection class IP 65 and can function in temperatures ranging from -10 to +60 degrees Celsius. The device can be powered using either the supplied batteries or a high-performance lithium-ion rechargeable pack from the range of accessories. Besides the standard batteries for the laser and receiver, the LAR 300 comes complete with a rigid carrying case for convenient transportation and added protection.

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