Unlike the ALPHA and CORE direct room humidifiers, this new system doesn't require humidifier modules to be installed on the ceiling or wall. Thanks to its reduced evaporation distance, ORBIT WING from Merlin sets a new standard in high-pressure duct humidification and can be integrated with ease into any ventilation or air conditioning system. Based on the high-pressure atomizer principle, ORBIT WING humidifies the air direct in the duct using special MICRO-DROP atomizer nozzles. Wings are integrated into the system to produce precision turbulence at the breakaway edge.

The new system swirls the aerosols to extend their trail within a shorter travel distance. Only 2.5 to 3 Watts of power are needed to generate a kilogram of moisture. What’s more, the new intelligent combination of step control and pressure regulation is a groundbreaking development. The air humidification plant uses filtered, hygienically safe drinking water that is first run through a water softener and the system can also be fitted with a reverse osmosis filter and disinfection unit. An oil-free and self-lubricating hydraulic water pump pumps the treated water at a pressure of around 70 bar to the special stainless steel MICRO-DROP nozzles in the ventilation duct where it is atomized. The PID control mode of the automated PLC control system has also been designed to prevent overhumidification (condensate formation).