BESSEY Tool GmbH & Co. KG really knows how to "work big" in small spaces - and that is no joke, even if the innovative new GearKlamp GK clamp was launched on April 1st... The GearKlamp GK uses a patent-pending mechanism to allow users to clamp workpieces perfectly in place, even in awkward and restricted spaces. The secret to its success is that its handle is separate to the spindle and is instead wrapped around the rail. This means the compact BESSEY GearKlamp GK can be used with the greatest of ease in situations where conventional clamps would be tricky, or even impossible, to fit in place.

This latest invention from BESSEY underscores the company's position as one of the foremost innovators in the field of manual clamping tools. The unique positioning of the handle around the rail makes the GK a much more compact tool than classic screw, lever and one-handed clamps. Each time the handle is turned, a mechanism concealed in the sliding bar transfers the clamping force to the spindle. This innovative design offers users crucial advantages. For example, when working in confined spaces, there are no awkward protruding tool parts that could obstruct work or damage the workpiece. The GearKlamp GK also supports ergonomic working practices in virtually every clamping scenario imaginable. Despite its compact build, the tool can apply a clamping force of up to 2,000 Newtons, while a quick-release shift button allows users to adjust the sliding bar in no time. What's more, GearKlamp GK features an easy-to-move trapezoidal thread spindle with a swiveling pressure plate that adapts perfectly to the surface of the workpiece being clamped. In fact, even rounded, pointed and angular workpieces can be held securely in the clamp thanks to the crossed V-grooves concealed under the protective cap on the upper section.

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