You can never have too many hands. And if they offer a powerful, strong grip - all the better! This could be the company motto of BESSEY Tool - known for innovative clamping tools capable of taking on all kinds of tasks that would even push teams with unlimited manpower to their limits. Like any developers worth their salt, BESSEY is hitting the ground running this spring, enhancing its portfolio with some outstanding innovations - including the new GZ-KG all-steel clamp with a special two-component plastic handle that can be positioned at a 90-degree angle for improved leverage, making the process of tightening the clamp much less strenuous.

Not only that, but the handle can also be rotated 360 degrees from this position, so users no longer have to worry about it getting stuck to the rail. And that's not all - according to BESSEY, the latest version of its telescopic drywall support ST, reportedly unmatched in terms of performance, is set to be launched in June. When extended vertically to its full length, this support is designed to withstand loads of up to 200 kg - or even 350 kg if the telescopic inner pipe is completely retracted. It also features an integrated pumping mechanism and a button that enables quick adjustments, saving users both time and money.

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