Vecoplan AG is the home of ingenious solutions for optimized wood processing, waste treatment and practical recycling. For its VEZ 3200 refuse-derived fuel shredder, the environmental technology company has developed a powerful single-shaft pre-shredder with a high throughput capacity. This new product is perfect for manufacturing refuse-derived fuels from production waste, sorting waste and packaging material, as well as for the high-calorific fraction of domestic and commercial waste destined for use as an energy source in cement works and power stations. Based on its successful predecessor, the VEZ 2500 TV, the VES 3200 incorporates carefully conceived enhancements in all the areas that are subject to particularly high forces and loads during the shredding process. The aim was to develop an even more robust, more powerful and more cost-effective component.

Besides its various reinforcements, the much more compact machine also features a lower loading edge. This makes it easier to load the VEZ 3200 with wheel loaders and stacker trucks, meaning customers don’t need any additional conveying technology. Thanks to the machine’s increased internal volume, bales with an edge length up to 1,200 mm can now be fed directly into the powerhouse, too. Meanwhile, an improved curved pusher that can be adjusted for the relevant input material also boasts steplessly adjustable pusher speed, thus making sure that even heavy and very light input materials are perfectly shredded. Another new feature is the enclosed design, which ensures none of the hazard points on the outside of the VEZ 3200 are accessible, and protects sensors and all supply lines against severe contamination, falling input material and other external mechanical influences. However, the biggest advantage of the VEZ 3200 is its versatility. It can be used as a pre-shredder for producing sortable and conveyable material to be used in the manufacture of fuel derived from production waste, it can create particle sizes of less than 250 mm, and it can be operated as a single-stage shredder for producing particle sizes of up to 50 mm.

Vecoplan AG (56470 Bad Marienberg, Germany)