Since the 1960s, Detmold-based ARMINIUS-Schleifmittel GmbH has been one of the innovation leaders in the field of profile grinding tools. The solutions from the East Westphalians, which are used in furniture, door and window production, have now become indispensable components of the range of machine tools for industry and trade. In particular, tools for use on table machines, throughfeed machines and CNC machining centers for the production of surfaces suitable for lacquering are part of ARMINIUS' m├ętier, providing customers with incomparably good surface qualities on natural woods, chipboard and MDF, hardboard and plastics. Through the individual production of the tools, the company always aims to achieve the result that customers expect from ARMINIUS. On the occasion of LIGNA 2023 in Hanover, the East Westphalians are now presenting their new HighSpeed brush for the first time.

The HighSpeed brush is designed for use on planers up to a throughput of 30 meters per minute. However, because it can be used at a speed of 3,000 revolutions per minute, the HighSpeed brush can also be used on table planers with a high kilowatt output. The brush consists of a solid base body with replaceable brush inserts. The open design of the individual bristles has a self-cooling effect and thus also prevents heat buildup on the motor spindle. This not only protects the machine, but is also said to increase the service life of the bristles. In addition, according to ARMINIUS, the brush also ensures virtually residual chip and dust extraction from the workpiece and the brush itself.