ProLock has years of experience in high-speed cutting (HSC). Over time, the company has built up a wealth of expertise working on all kinds of projects for well-known industrial customers and can provide some impressive references when it comes to designing and manufacturing special tools. It is exhibiting a range of high-quality tools at LIGNA 2017, including the new GlueLiner LowNoise saw blades for making gluable saw cuts in wood materials.

Above all, the saw blades reduce cutting forces and minimize the necessary kerf width. They also feature alternate top bevel teeth followed by a flat tooth as a raker. The tooth group combinations of 5 teeth each deliver optimum results when cutting both lengthways and widthways, with sharp cut edges on the material and a small kerf. It’s even possible to dispense with the chip spaces associated with conventional saw blades, although small chip spaces have been retained for better brazing of the hard metal. In addition to their low-noise operation, which makes for a nice quiet workshop, GlueLiner LowNoise saw blades reduce cutting pressure. This, combined with their long service life and optimum cut edges in absolute finished-cut quality, will keep users happy.