What are you expecting from your cooperation with IFMAC in Indonesia?

IFMAC is Indonesia’s leading trade fair for woodworking machinery. We see great potential in our cooperation with the organizer, Wakeni, and look forward to a thriving market in Southeast Asia. In Indonesia, demand is running high for efficient solutions and high-performance woodworking machines as well as modern accessories. IFMAC provides exactly the right event for people to inform themselves on the current state of woodworking technology and futureproof their intended purchases.

Are you planning any additional woodworking shows abroad?

Southeast Asia is becoming increasingly vital to the woodworking and furniture production industry. The cooperation with Wakeni and IFMAC is an important first step in bringing our expertise in woodworking shows to this part of the world and gaining a foothold there. In addition, we are extending our feelers to Malaysia and examining market entry opportunities for a woodworking event in Kuala Lumpur.

What other events belong to the portfolio of Woodworking Shows Worldwide?

Another event serving the sector is the annual Magna Expo Mueblera (MEM) Industrial fair, focusing on the Mexican and South American markets and based in Mexico City. This fair has been organized by Hannover Fairs Mexico since 2017. Our first-ever cooperation with AMPIMM, the Mexican association of wood and furniture industry suppliers, has resulted in the creation of a business platform that not only demonstrates machines in live operation and showcases the latest woodworking and furniture production technologies and applications, but has also been expanded to include materials, accessories and fittings. We have succeeded in making this its sector’s leading trade fair in Latin America.