Work tables are something immensely practical - if the size fits. However, in order to be prepared for the rather rare cases of oversized workpieces, it is not necessary to have an equally oversized work table that permanently takes up the already limited space. The new perforated grid table from RUWI, which is now being presented for the first time at LIGNA 2023, therefore has a perforated grid plate segment on each of the two end faces, which can be continuously extended and conveniently fixed again from above. In this way, the work surface can be extended from 160 x 80 centimeters to up to 220 x 80 centimeters in just a few steps. In addition, the work surface can be flexibly adjusted and further enlarged using the support rails with anti-slip coating. Lateral profiles also significantly expand the application possibilities of the new table, as clamps can be inserted into the grooves here to enable workpieces to be clamped laterally as well.

A spacious drawer and additional storage space under the work surface also provide enough room to conveniently store tools, support rails and accessories. Thanks to its variable size and storage options, this work table is ideal for workshops of all sizes. The work surface itself is made of a low-distortion multi-layer board with a robust HPL coating on both sides. The 80- and 120-centimeter-long support rails, respectively, feature a durable non-slip coating and can be attached without tools using clamping levers in the 20-millimeter holes. The table can also be continuously adjusted in height via a high-quality hydraulic foot pump. Four solid rubber swivel casters with locks ensure maximum mobility and flexibility in any workshop environment. This new work table offers carpenters and joiners the possibility to make their work more efficient and comfortable.