Whether high-gloss or matte, 3D, metallic or concrete look – modern furniture and building components can be produced with virtually any desired look and feel thanks to innovative coatings, application methods and finishing technology. LIGNA is the place to learn about what’s new in the dynamic surface technology market. That includes quick-change paint systems for the cost-effective handling of one-off jobs and series production with the same machine – an increasingly important aspect in light of digitization and networked manufacturing – as well as multifunction painting stations such as those from Axel Wirth, which combine the continuous flow technology of roll machines with spray technology for uneven surfaces. Exhibitors such as Venjakob or Walther integrate spray robots to boost quality and productivity. The Italian surface treatment specialist Cefla focuses on ease of use with their intuitive automatic control systems. Venjakob is also heading toward Industry 4.0 with RFID readers (to learn more about automatic identification systems, see the RFID Factory topic at the upcoming LIGNA). Bürkle, which manufactures pressing and coating machines for surface treatment, now offers compact modular systems that perfectly meet the requirements of small to medium-size operations.

Another regular participant at LIGNA is Hymmen, whose Calendar Coating Inert technology sets standards for the production of high-gloss surfaces. The Hot Coating Impress Touch process from Kleiberit allows surface coatings with deep embossed texture to be applied in a single operation. Powder coating technology has become an attractive and especially environmentally friendly alternative to wet coating, lamination or foil coating of MDF components. Swiss-based IGP, which debuted at LIGNA 2015, is exhibiting mature powder coating solutions for woodworkers and the furniture industry. LIGNA is also strong in the low-cost sector. Along with one-person systems, the hot tube system from J, Wagner, which ensures optimal paint application regardless of outdoor temperature, is drawing attention from carpenters.

Many other innovations await you at LIGNA 2017. No matter whether you're in industry or the skilled trades, LIGNA gives you the full picture.