When it comes to subjecting surfaces to consistent quality control, Baumer Inspection is often considered the perfect partner. As an integral part of the Swiss Baumer Group, a globally active family-owned company for high-quality sensors and systems for factory automation, Baumer Inspection already specialized in maximum precision in the inspection and quality assurance of surfaces more than 35 years ago and has installed more than 1,000 corresponding systems to date. Baumer Inspection's scanners inspect furniture panels, decorative papers, foils, flooring planks and surfaces or edges of furniture parts worldwide for production defects or color deviations.

At LIGNA 2023 in Hanover, the world's leading trade fair for tools, machines and plants for woodworking and wood processing, several machines from the Swiss company are now celebrating their premiere. One of these is the ColourBrain Furniture 4.0 inspection system, which, according to Baumer, is the technological leader in double-sided inspection of coated and lacquered furniture panels with correspondingly impressive inspection results: Even the smallest surface defects such as bubbles, dents, fine cracks or glossy spots are to be precisely detected in any form. An optional borehole inspection also checks the completeness of boreholes and the profile deviations of grooves. The system can be used both in series production and in batch 1 production for defect detection and process optimization. In the most powerful configuration, the system can also be combined with the multiReflex inspection module as well as Baumer's newly designed illumination module to detect additional gloss defects.