Dominating over 90 percent of the market, Hans Hundegger AG is the world's leading supplier of CNC joinery machines. Its universal, flexible machines are used in all sectors of the timber construction industry - from glulam, contract and carpentry joining, log and prefabricated house construction, to producing playground equipment. In addition to joinery machines, Hundegger's portfolio also features cutting machines, planing machines, panel cutting machines and much more. In 2017, the company decided to pool all its expertise in the development of a modular system for manufacturing wooden elements for prefabricated houses.

By 2018, the prototype of the WALL-Master 3600 had already made its grand debut. Hundegger sees the latest addition to its family less as a standalone unit and more as a useful complement to its portfolio. That's why making sure the WALL-Master could be combined with other machines was right at the top of the agenda during development. "Many of our customers already have a bar joinery machine and a panel processing machine, which would make additional units on the WALL-Master superfluous. Of course, the system can be fitted with a milling unit, too," says Hundegger's marketing representative Ramona Rindle. For many medium-sized companies, this could offer the perfect route into industrial wall production, because the only thing Hundegger customers will need in the future, besides the WALL-Master, is a bvx file. Hundegger's "Cambium" software can then automatically extract the relevant information for each machining step.

Hans Hundegger AG (87749 Hawangen, Germany)