Based in Wismar on the Baltic Sea coast, Thermoelect GmbH was already making headlines at LIGNA 2017 under its previous name - HE Energy. There have been exciting developments afoot for the fledgling company since then. Showcased for the first time at last year’s fair while still at the market preparation stage, the e-stove went on to secure HE Energy GmbH first prize in the 2017 Inno Awards, presented by the Mecklenburg-Vorpommern Association of Technlogy Centers. Now, hardly one year on, a new milestone has been reached - the rebranded e-stove is celebrating its launch on the market as the series-produced Seebeck 250W wood gas cogeneration unit.

The Seebeck 250W is the world's first wood gas cogeneration unit for producing heat, electricity and hot water for domestic applications. The electrical output covers the energy required for heating control systems including pumps, as well as for LED home lighting and mobile devices. To convert the heat generated by burning wood into electricity, Thermoelect uses maintenance-free, noiseless, space-tested thermoelectric generators (TEG) in conjunction with wood gasification technology. The system is ideal as a stand-alone solution or an emergency generator in densely forested and rural areas. The innovative Seebeck 250W is produced via a network of cooperation partners across Germany.

Thermoelect GmbH (23966 Wismar, Germany)